Target group and how to use the book

Target group

The book is meant for parents to enable them get help and support both through the methods at the end of the book and from the inspiration sentences they can give to their children. The book is also meant for people who have suffered severe blows in life and who can find help and inspiration from a number of the methods at the end of the book. The book can, of course, also be used to create a little cozy time together with your children.

The methods described at the end of the book are the ones we used in order to cope with the difficult situation we found ourselves in. I write, among other things, about how we coped with all Robban’s hospital visits, how we made ”a daddy book” together with lots of friends, how my perception of time changed while living with someone who could suddenly suffer severe attacks of pain and how I discovered that joy and sorrow live ”in the same box” inside me. Just to mention some of the things the book is about.

We hope these methods can help and inspire you to cope with a difficult situation in a slightly easier way.

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How to use this book

towerAt bedtime, you as a parent, your child, or the two of you together, can choose a sentence for the child to think about when it’s time to go to sleep. Take your time to look at the illustration together and let the sentence sink in properly before saying ’goodnight’.

Do the same thing every night before you leave theroom and switch off the light so it becomes a bedtime routine. My daughter Matilda, was so inspired by some of these sentences that she invented stories which evolved over several evenings. Sometimes she would say, ”Mommy, I don’t need a new thought tonight; I haven’t finished thinking about the one from yesterday!” I thought it was wonderful that she could get so
absorbed in her own ideas; transported into the wonderful make-believe world she carried inside her head.